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  • Yugioh AR – Alpha Demo, Move Over Pokemon?

    Yugioh AR – Alpha Demo, Move Over Pokemon?

    Yugioh AR, the thought of it is enough to make some of us here at Gadgethelpline seriously consider loan applications in our desperation to get hold of a Hololens. A number of moons ago, I too was a Yu-Gi-Oh player and once managed to get to the UK finals. Shortly after the finals i quit […]

  • Whats New In Augmented Reality

    Whats New In Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality Augmented reality, not quite on everyone’s lips currently but there are definite stirrings amongst the masses for AR other than Pokemon related. As we are always interested in anything new that pops up concerning Augmented reality we listed a few points of interest below. These should whet your Virtual appetite. Tankfest Tankfest is […]

  • A walk around Virtual Mars

    A walk around Virtual Mars

    Ever wondered what it would be like to climb the largest mountain in the solar system? Okay, so that may not be possible on HoloLens just yet, but you may just be able to see it in the distance as you are walking on Virtual Mars following the path that the Rover took on. A […]

  • Build 2015: Microsoft HoloLens Demoed

    Build 2015: Microsoft HoloLens Demoed

    Microsoft’s big virtual reality device HoloLens was also shown at the Build 2015 conference recently. The headset paints holograms in three dimensions in front of the wearer’s eyes. It does sound similar to augmented reality, but interestingly HoloLens seems to use holograms to bridge the gap between augmented and virtual reality, being neither one or […]

  • Microsoft Debuts Holographic Tech

    Microsoft Debuts Holographic Tech

    Head up displays and virtual reality have all been showed off recently, especially during the last year – but nobody has dabbled very far into holograms and holographic tech, until now. Fresh off their press conference on the 21st, Microsoft have announced a previously top secret holographic headset and software system – in our last […]