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Tech Developments – Mind-blowing Changes Ahead!

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Tech developments are coming at us fast and thick. We are only beginning the second month of 2020 and already large changes are beginning to slip through the cracks of the months ahead. 

We attempted a few predictions at the beginning of the year, one of them being the advent of driverless vehicles in cities:

So, currently, Paris have driverless transport wowing the public.  The driverless bus was tested recently in France’ capital. In contrast, the U.K. completed its testing of driverless vehicles over a year ago now. The West midlands have also been given the go ahead for the installation of infrastructure to aid driverless vehicles.

Tech Developments

The brain-computer interface is speeding along now, coming soon to a brain near you?

So, how about plugging in to AI? All you need to do is have some wires implanted in your skull. The inside end of these wires will have electrodes resting on your brain. Sound appealing? If so you need to get in touch with Neuralink!

CEO of Tesla – Elon Musk, seems very confident about things for the year ahead. The entrepreneur Claims that some time this year somebody will be connected up to interface with AI; quite the bold claim.

2020 is definitely looking to be quite the year for tech. We do not know for sure where things will go, but, at least they are beginning to move again. Moving slowly, but surely, forwards into the unknown.

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