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Tech Predictions 2020 – A Glance Into The Scrying Pool

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Tech predictions are always hit and miss. So, normally, we tend to veer away from guessing what will happen next. Usually its much easier to just write about what is. Not today though. Today we shall be looking ahead a few months and guessing how the year will play out. No huge predictions worthy of Nostradamus, just a few ideas currently floating around in the grey matter.


The amount of human covered checkouts will drop again. Supermarkets have already been lowering the amount of staffed tills. With AI developers desperate to make their mark we can expect the shopping experience to be impacted further. There will still be the odd checkout with a human experience, this will mainly be for those that struggle with the automated systems.

Driverless vehicles

Many cities already have 5G coverage. We expect city authorities will begin to offer driverless public transport within city limits. The charges for each journey should be taken automatically without any required interaction.


More and more everyday interactions, especially concerning transfer of value, will be covered by cryptocurrency. Most of the time this will be hidden underneath the hood, so to speak. The general public will not be aware they are using this new tech as its functions will be seamless.

With DLT (Distributed ledger tech) developments such as the lightning network, cross chain possibilities will allow many new functions to take root and thus, spread.

Drone delivery

Drones are already used for many reasons in many businesses. Usually these reasons are for location scouting, area scanning, damage detection, filming etc. At some point within the next twelve months we should be seeing drone delivery of packages in rural areas. The use of drones will lower congestion and therefore improve the environment. Amazon will be the most likely contender to push first in this area of tech logistics.


The danger in predicting the future is slim. When the chips are down, you are either wrong or you are right.
We have done our best to give you a rough idea of what to expect in the coming months ahead. At least, on a few tech categories. If you feel this resonates with your own opinions please don’t hesitate to comment and let us know. Alternatively if you disagree or just have an idea that we have not mentioned, again, please get in touch. The comments section below is there for your benefit.

Regardless of how the tech develops we are looking forward to seeing what happens and will be doing our best to let you know every step of the way.

Thanks for reading. For more tech and gadget related predictions, check out Gadgethelpline.