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ASUS Plans to Launch Eee Pad MeMo 7-inch Tablet with Android 4.0 in January

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You may remember that earlier this year ASUS announced three new Android Honeycomb tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – The Eee Pad Transformer, Eee Pad Slider and Eee Pad MeMo.

The Transformer hit the market with no troubles and soon became the most successful Android tablet to date, the Eee Pad Slider was delayed but recently released, but what of the MeMo?

ASUS initially said the MeMo would boast a 3D display and support a touch-pen stylus, but then decided to scrap the idea of 3D tech. Since doing so we’ve barely heard a peep out of ASUS regarding their third Honeycomb-based tablet, until now.

Netbook News reports that ASUS has finally confirmed a release schedule for the MeMo – January 2012. Not only do we know when to expect the arrival of the 7-inch tablet, we also know that ASUS will be shipping it preloaded with the very latest version of Android; 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. This is very good news indeed, and might just make up for the long delay we’ve experienced so far.

Still not content with a regular tablet device, ASUS has developed a Bluetooth accessory to go with it – the MeMic Bluetooth companion. It looks just like a very basic MP3 player, and is said to control media playback on the tablet wirelessly.

The MeMic also comes with a set of headphones, which will allow users to make calls on the tablet hands-free (with the 3G version), as well as remotely listening to music stored on the tab.

ASUS’ MeMo tablet will join its flagship Android tablet, the Transformer Prime, in offering Android 4.0 early next year.

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Source: Netbook News