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Top 5 iPad Mini accessories

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The iPad Mini is yet to be released, but already is capturing massive pre-order numbers despite stiff competition from new and existing Android tablets, in the form of the Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire 7 and Barnes & Noble Nook HD. Despite launching with a lower resolution, less pixel-dense display and a much higher price point than these Android tablets ($329 vs $199) the iPad Mini is expected to sell massively as all Apple products do.

Today, we’ll be looking at the top 5 iPad Mini accessories available in time for launch on Friday. Let’s go!

5. Tech21 Impact Snap with Cover for iPad Mini

The Tech21 Impact Snap with Cover is probably one of the most protective iPad Mini cases that you can pick up. The secret is the case’s use of the advanced D30 material, which is as soft as putty in the hand but becomes super rigid when it is exposed to an impact. It makes for quite a good demo – their PR ships out some of the material and a hammer so you can try if for yourself – and it seems to make a good difference in the real world too. The Impact Snap makes for an incredibly resistant case that even includes a cover for screen protection and stand duties. All in all, a good option if you’re looking to ensure your iPad Mini stays in good condition.

4. MFX Screen Protector for iPad Mini

A screen protector is always recommended for smartphones and tablets, and the iPad Mini is no exception. While Gorilla Glass is certainly a help, it’s still possible to get a ghastly scratch that’ll dramatically reduce the resale value of your device. This MFX screen protector provides excellent protection against that eventuality, with an easy-to-apply plastic sheet that will take the damage so your screen doesn’t have to. There are five screen protectors provided in the pack, so you can easily replace them if damaged or allow a redo if you find the application process difficult. For the price, it’s some of the best protection you can buy.

3. Arkon Deluxe Universal Tablet Headrest Mount

I think tablet car-mounts aren’t always ideal. You probably don’t want to be looking at a tablet for anything other than GPS navigation, and you don’t really need a 10″ tablet to fill that role. The better option, particularly if you have passengers, is to instead pick up a headrest car holder that allows them to watch TV or movies, listen to music or play games. This example by Arkon is one of the best, attaching to headrests easily and providing a steady and secure platform for your iPad Mini. This accessory pairs well with the next one on our list, too!

2. Griffin Survivor Case

If you’re serious about protecting your Mini then you’ll not find a tougher case than the Survivor by Griffin. Consisting of a shatter-resistant polycarbonate frame and a shock-absorbing silicon, the Survivor will take anything you throw at it and more. With a built-in screen protector and covers for all buttons and sockets, this thing will turn your Mini into an impenetrable fortress!

1. Melkco Slimme Premium

This iPad Mini cover is gorgeous, with a professional look thanks to its premium leather construction. The case is made from thin, lightweight leather that should hold up well over the years that you own it. The cover is foldable in the same manner as Apple’s original smart cover, granting you a clever stand in two orientations without adding to the bulk of the device. The soft inner lining will prevent damage to the screen as well. Overall, a great case and a fitting end to our top 5 today.


I hope you found these iPad Mini accessories useful. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to share them below. Thanks for reading and have a good one!

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