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Top Ten Olympic Themed Gadgets – Part 1

England may have crashed out of the Euros against Italy but don’t throw out those union flags just yet as the Olympics is just around the corner. Another four years have passed and we will all once again become interested in running, pole vaulting, diving and gymnastics but not equestrian events… NEVER equestrian events.

We’ve thrown together a list of the best Olympic-themed gadgets and toys that range from the stupid to the stupendous, so sit back, relax, and peruse our selection of Olympic paraphernalia that you may like the look of but will probably never need past August. So here it goes; part 1 of our London 2012 gadgets.

Xbox 360 at the Olympics

10. UK Themed Xbox 360 And Kinect Bundle

With its grungy, splattered effect union flag you may think this is a spice girls/girl power themed Xbox, happily you’d be wrong. If you’re happy to stump up the cash for this bad boy then you’ll be the proud owner of not only the union jack Xbox but also a matching wireless controller and Kinect sensor, 2 Kinect games and 3 months of Xbox Live… alternatively you could buy a couple of sharpies and do the job yourself if you have the artistic skill.


Samsung Galaxy Note Olympic Edition

9. Samsung Galaxy Note Olympic Edition

Seeing as Samsung have stumped up some sponsorship for the ‘blighty’ games, it’s only fair that they too should jump on the red, white and blue bandwagon, and they have with this little beauty. The Galaxy Note Olympic edition is pretty much identical to the standard edition apart from the union flag on the rear, which is great as long as you don’t have it led flat on a table. How else will all your fellow brits know of your gadget-based patriotism?


Acer Iconia Olympic Tab

8. Acer Iconia A510 Olympic Tab

Acer has outdone even the Samsung Galaxy Note with their ‘Tablet of the London Olympic Games’. Whereas Samsung went out and had a grunge/faded denim union flag image made for the rear of their device, Acer has gone down the minimalistic route and just stamped the Olympic rings onto the back of their tablet. Genius. There’s also Eurosport channels pre-loaded to get you coverage of the games.



7. Scalextric Team GB Velodrome 2012: Track Cycling

You may have noticed a slight lack of passion and awe in the first 3 items in this top 10. However I would genuinely like to get my hands on the Scalextric Track Cycling toy. I have fond memories of racing around my Scalextric as a child – I was always the blue car. The thought of reliving my childhood with this track racing version actually makes me smile!


6. London 2012 App for (Android and iOS)

This app is supposedly the ‘be all and end all’ of Olympic apps. With this little beauty you can track the route of the torch as well as viewing details of the individual torch bearers. You can look up the details of any of the thousands of events happening during the games. It’s like stalking but instead of stalking a person you’re stalking an international event.


Well that’s all for now with the bar set so high (mainly by the Scalextric if I’m honest), who knows what part 2 will hold. Stay tuned…

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