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Virtual Britain – The United Kingdoms Twin, A Digital Vision

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Virtual Britain is not a game. It’s not a joke either. Virtual Britain is a digital copy of The U.K. You could call it a Twin. For it to function perfectly, most devices will need to be on 5G for the speed and wide throughput of data.

This twin has a special function. The purpose to connect the U.K. through data sharing. And that’s not personal data either. This data sharing is done between devices. A London bus, for example, could be a digitally connected device. This devices data will be shared among all services that may require it. Not just services but any device or agent that may require the information.


Virtual Britain’ Possibilities

For example, local buses, Taxis, streetlamps, you name it. All could be fitted with air sensors that constantly send information on purity levels. A cleverly coded app could leverage this data to plot the walk to work with the freshest air. 

Virtual Britain will be separated into layers as well. The road network for example would have a layer including only the U.K. roads network and all information pertaining to it. This information could come from many sources and devices. With this up to the minute constant evolving data stream, traffic jams could be prevented, accidents highlighted instantly, etc.

At this point it’s not too hard to envision layers of Virtual Britain like topographical contours on a map.

Weather centers and meteorologists could tap into the air and weather information layer for more accurate up to the minute forecasts.

The list really is endless.


The Internet of Things

They talked about it all over the internet and all we have are door cams and clever speakers…

Not quite, the lists unending in the amount of these devices that currently exist. The figures alone for 2020 and further are quite staggering when it comes to iot.
This is a vision of what it means to have an internet of things though. Each connected to the next by an invisible network. Each device, possibly offering their data to the world for a price.



Data for the public good

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