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Watchmen Artist Dave Gibbons Teams Up With Revolution Software for New British Made Video Game

The artist behind comic classic Watchmen has just formed a new super team-up with British veteran gaming co. Revolution Software and his skills will again crossover into video games on a new project.

Dave Gibbons has been busy since creating the visuals for the Alan Moore penned 1986 cult comic book series and became a regular on 2000AD and his artistic footprint can be seen throughout the Judge Dredd legacy. His work has also appeared in publications for Marvel Comics and Gibbons is no stranger to the video game realm.

But unlike his previous involvement in titles such as Beneath a Steel Sky and the Watchmen movie tie-in, Gibbons will this time be involved in the development and creation in every aspect – from the beginning – and the artist told Eurogamer that this as-of-yet unnamed project with Revolution will “look like a Dave Gibbons game with a strong graphic identity.”

Speaking of his good terms with York-based Revolution founder Charles Cecil (and praising his own awesomeness) Gibbons continues to say “there would be no point in Charles collaborating with me, if it was going to look like a ‘Joe Blow’ game” – promising that when this one is over there will be more to come from this alliance.

We’re fans of Gibbon’s work and the news of a British developed game with a legendary British comic book artist, the co-creator of Watchman no less, puts a smile on our faces!

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