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33% Of US Teens Are On Google+

A study over in the US has shown that increasing amount of teenagers are heading over to underdog social network Google+.  However, youth figures from the US still reflected what we already know – youngsters in one of the world’s biggest social media using areas still prefer Facebook. Other social networks such as Instagram and Snapchat were close behind Facebook.

The actual figure explained is that 33% of those surveyed in a recent study by Pew research reported using Google+, meaning that they also may use one or more other networks too. of course, using it regularly is an altogether different thing. It’s important to remember the question was whether they used it at all, not how much.

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There’s also another key factor which gets people onto Google+. users of ever popular social media video streaming site YouTube are forced, or ‘required’ to sign up with a Google ccount to use the site. tied in with the YouTube account is Google+ which manages notifications with YouTube comments and other such interaction. This is of course because Google owns YouTube.

As well as the video streaming site, Google’s own Gmail and Google Docs are all fast becoming popular with young people in education. The trio of Google+, docs and Gmail can be extremely helpful for lecturers and professors in higher education to connect with students and securely share work over the cloud – before there were often highly complicated and specialized educational apps that do the same sort of thing. Google’s option is cheaper and more modern.

Statistics from the Pew Research Center shows Google+ is actually pretty popular.


So obviously this one third figure for young people in the US could indeed be the driving force behind Google+ figures. Whilst usage may be low, it’s absolutely extraordinary how Google have promoted their service to such high levels of exposure using mainly other services as the launchpad.

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The entire list of functions one can access with the global Google account is probably too long to count, but what you definitely get is email, documents, videos, music and also applications for mobile phones. There’s even an instant messenger and video chat service via hangouts that rivals Skype.

So, Google+ might not be a popular social network to use for standard social networking fare – sharing insights and thoughts and connecting to as many people possible – but instead can be used in conjunction with other Google products and as a private network to stay connected with your closes groups of friends. It almost seems more mature.

Via: Gizmodo

Source: Pew Internet