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Google Working On New Super Batteries

The battery power problem is one of the most complained about things in mobile tech. Why does your device manage to fit so many files and applications but not stay powered on long enough to use them all properly? Well, older battery technology is to blame – smartphone batteries have historically lagged behind the phones themselves for a good few years now.

What’s really difficult about getting hold of new batteries is a lack of investment and industry interest in new technologies for storing power that science continually churns out. Science and industry working together is pretty much the only way a new piece of consumer tech can be created. Given that Google has the money for new toys, it makes sense the company is preparing to invest in some brand new batteries.

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Three years ago, Google’s team headed up by Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj started testing power sources for Google’s devices – now the team is moving on to something bigger and better. The team at the semi-sectret Google X labs are trying out new advanced methods for liquid lithium-ion batteries, as well as new solid state batteries.

The Lithium-ion battery works by chemical reactions, and has been the default battery type in mobile devices for over 15 years. meanwhile the highly new and interesting solid state battery uses solid ingredients to transmit currents. Less gross battery acid makes them much safer, and the advanced nature of the technology makes them last much longer.

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Of course battery life is ultimately what this all is about – it’s been a long time coming, but Google’s investment is yet another case of an industry that via success has begun to innovate with technologies everyone can benefit from using their own money. No longer will devices be relying on an older technology pioneered for something else – this time around, batteries will be built for purpose, not appropriated from another product.

Amazingly it’s not just Google driving this new battery design frontier forward – Apple is also looking to upgrade batteries, presumably to maintain their top spot as technology’s number one company. People often say the iPhone drains power too fast. As well as Apple, electronic car maker Tesla are investing heavily in improving batteries for their cars – efficiency of batteries as well as charge times are a key obstacle for the vehicles.

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