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More 3D news from Korea – LG launch “Flicker-Free” monitors.

More 3D TV news today straight out of Korea as LG have revealed their latest offering to the 3D marketplace in the form of new monitors D41P and D42P to the Cinema 3D range – which boast “Flicker-Free Certification” and LG’s new signature FPR (Film Pattern Retarder) technology.

LG promise the D41P and D42P sets, which will be available in a range of screen sizes from 21.5” to 25”, will provide clearer, brighter imagery with minimum “crosstalk” – the blurry effect caused by the two images used in 3D technology – which will prevent dizziness when viewing 3D content.

Si-hwan Park VP of Monitors at LG says “Although 3D is one of the hottest items in technology today, some consumers are holding back from purchasing 3D products because of concerns over performance and price” adding “With Cinema 3D Monitors, we’ve addressed all these concerns. The advanced picture quality, more comfortable glasses and competitive pricing makes it very hard to keep putting off 3D.”

“Popular home PC Operating Systems” will be supported and both the D41P and D42P offer HDMI 1.4 and 2D to 3D conversion.

No UK release schedules or prices yet, but with this announcement nipping at the heels of other Korean tech giant Samsung’s own announcement revealing its range of compact Smart TV monitors, we can hopefully expect some seriously competitive pricing when LG Cinema 3D sets surface on these shores!

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