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George Lucas foresees total 3D invasion for cinema and television

George Lucas, founder of THX and the father of the “Star Wars” franchise has stated that he foresees a 3D invasion which will be the takeover of all television and cinema – and it’s Coming Soon.

Cameron, Lucas and Katzenberg - Movie masters talk 3D at Las Vegas convention

A long time ago, in a living room far far away – unless you were lucky enough to own one of the first sets – television made a huge jump to lightspeed when our sets went from black and white to groundbreaking colour. Lucas declares that three-dimensional viewing will make the same kind of impact for a whole new generation.

The Saga scribe was appearing at CinemaCon in Las Vegas along with a panel of greats including “Avatar” and “Aliens” motion-picture master, James Cameron and Jeffrey Katzenberg, Chief Exec of Dreamworks and a pioneer of 3D animated features such as “Shrek”. The Big Three were all in agreement that the three-dimensional format will soon completely take over all movies and will be the future for our home TV sets.

The directors discussed that many studios were too quick to board 3D when it launched and this has lead to a number of “poor quality” releases in the 3D format. With a little patience, Cameron suggests that anything will become possible!

“We’re really at a point where if we can imagine it, we can create it, there are no limitations now” says the Terminator creator.

Exciting stuff ahead for 3D with Lucas unleashing the Force one more time when his “Star Wars” saga is re-released in 2012 but for the first time in the glorious three-dimensions, which will undoubtedly be mind-blowing, and Cameron having already set the standard for 3D with “Avatar” sets sights on a new release of “Titanic” and, with hope, the currently postponed “Avatar 2” project.

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