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5th gen Apple iPad case leaks, points to iPad Mini-style design

Apple is currently a leaky ship, but that’s not a problem for us as we love to get some new Apple information on a daily basis. Today’s leak reports to be a full casing for the (rumoured) incoming iPad 5 that once again backs up previous leaks saying the next generation of Apple iPad will share a design set with the current range of Apple iPad Mini devices that were released last year.

The images come from a Weibo (a Chinese Micro blogging site) user named Xu Bolong who published some photos that purport to be the rear shell from Apple’s fifth-generation iPad next to the shell of the Apple iPad Mini.

One major new piece of information is the fact that the image shows off a silver version of the casing which leads us to believe that Apple may be looking to expand its core group of release colours from Black and White to Black, White and Silver!

Big changes indeed for Apple, especially for a company who is known to take the design and feel of its devices VERY seriously.

As with all Apple leaks there could be no truth to the image and it could be one of the many imposter pictures that pop up surrounding the Apple iPad and iPhone ranges. However, with the rumoured release date for the next generation of the Apple iPhone 5S and possible iPhone 5C coming on September the 10th we could expect some iPad news too.

Until then let’s just wait it out for another leak.

Source: Weibo