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Apple Watch Will Be Sold In Only 6 Stores Tomorrow (But Not Apple Stores)

With the Apple Watch finally released this Friday 24th of April and with demand through the roof many will be looking to chance their luck tomorrow morning by queuing outside their local Apple store in hope of getting their mitts on the must-own debut wearable from the makers of the iPhone.

But reports suggest that Apple Stores won’t be holding any stock on release day – in fact only six elite retailers in the whole world will carry the £599 gadget.

The fashionable stores that will be holding the Apple Watch, in very limited supply, will be – Dover Street Market in London and Beijing, Maxfield in Los Angeles, The Corner in Berlin, 10 Corso Como in Milan, and Colette in Paris.

Those intending to pick one up tomorrow are being encouraged to contact their closest shop out of the handful listed and place a reservation and the New York Times reports that Dover Street Market will be carrying only 1,000 units between both of its locations which gives an idea of how scarce the Apple Watch is going to be when doors open tomorrow.

As for the Gold Edition Apple, you can pretty much wish that one away because if you do happen to have $10,000 under the mattress this very VIP model with added privileges is already reported as sold out.

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As well as the natural hype of being an Apple product launch (crack for some tech fans) the launch has been helped considerably by recognised personalities from the world of movies, sports and music who have been spotted wearing the Apple Watch while parading red carpets and displaying their wearables on social networking sites.

Katy Perry was seen on Instagram favouring a gold frame, red strap and Mickey Mouse motif for her own iOS based wearable and other singing stars including Drake and Beyonce are among those who got early access to the Apple Watch.

 It had previously been reported that the Apple Watch wouldn’t make it to stores until June because of short supplies and online pre-order fulfilment being priority, so fingers crossed there will be a bit more availability in the near future and accessibility for Joe Public who just wants to pop along to the Apple Store and buy a watch. Until then, those who get one tomorrow look set to join a very exclusive owner’s club.