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Clash of Clans February update brings Clan Perks, lv13 Cannon and more!

Clash of Clans, The mega popular freemium mobile MMO strategy video game for Android and iOS Clash of Clans is today receiving another big update, which will bring a host of changes to how Clans will operate as well as a Lv13 Cannon and few extra game tweaks.

The latest update (since the Winter update) has been rumoured for a few months now and SUPERCELL themselves have been releasing small titbits of information over the past week, but right now the update will be going live across gamers Smartphones and tablets.

The top of the list of changes will see a new Clan Perks system come into the game, where successful clans can level up and gain additional features such as a shorter CC troop request time, bonuses on war loot and even refunds on some troops that are used in the war.

Clans will also have a deeper Clan Experience level system that can be earned by Clans winning wars, as well as a new Opt In/Out feature for clan wars, where clan Leaders can opt players out for clan wars.

The full 24/02/15 Clan Perks update is listed below form the Official SUPERCELL forum:

Time to take Clan Wars to the next level!  Read all that’s new below:

Clan Experience Levels!
* Level up your clan by earning Clan XP in Clan Wars
* Clan badges are now adorned with banners that showcase a Clan’s level
* Clan levels grant perks, prestige and fancier badges and banners!

Gameplay balancing and upgrades
* Cannon level 13 packs a punch and takes a lot of damage!
* Healers no longer trigger air traps – just keep clear of Air Defense!
* Clan Castle troop deployment is no longer prevented by tapping on obstacles

Clan Wars Opt-in/Opt-out
* Clan leaders can now pick exactly who to take to every war!
* New profile setting shows other Clan members if you want to go to war
* Choose big or small wars, but larger wars can be worth more Clan XP

Power-up your Clan with Clan Perks
* Request troops more often and donate more troops at a time
* Get refunds and automatic upgrades on donated troops
* Increase your Clan War loot bonus and store more in your Clan Castle
* Clan perks unlock automatically and improve as you level up your Clan!

Clan badge editor
* Craft a clan badge with your choice of pattern, background and border
* Level up your Clan to unlock special borders for your clan badge!

Three ways to get Clan XP in Clan Wars:
* Get small amounts of Clan XP for defeating enemy War Bases
* Get larger amounts of Clan XP for accumulating enough stars during war
* Get a huge Clan XP bonus for winning the war!​

We are going to go and have fun with the Clan Emblem builder and check out some of the new clan wars features!

Gamers will need to log into their game and download a whopping 49.5MB update for the game to see the update from now, but the Clan Wars update will now be officially live.

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