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Devs Arrive at Apple HQ to Test Watch Apps

Apple Watch app development has been underway for a while now, as major app developers were given exclusive access to the development platform when the watch was announced, and also other smaller third party developers have had access to the WatchKit development tool following its earlier release.

Now, Apple is inviting the biggest app devs to their Cupertino HQ to test and finish off apps for the new wearable, as the device nears its planned release later this year in April. Tim cook, Apple’s CEO, confirmed the release of the watch was coming during that month recently, and now developer workshops will be carried out at Apple HQ during February.

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Last month we heard that a developer had already been invited to Apple’s HQ to finish off their app, but now it seems like a whole host of programmers and designers are to visit the Cupertino campus to finish the job.

On top of this, Apple Watch developers are also going to be able to get to grips with two of the device’s biggest features – the digital crown, which acts as a button and selection wheel, as well as the pressure sensitive Force Touch screen. Around 100 developers are rumored to have already been contacted or already have worked with Apple according to some sources.

The proceedings where the testing takes place are highly secretive, with 9to5mac reporting that developers in attendance aren’t even allowed to know the projects each other developers is working of, and not only that aren’t even allowed to know the identities of others attending – instead, developers at the meetings are referred to by unique numbers instead of by their given names.

It’s not just big app developers that have been given early access to Apple’s software and procedures that deal with the Apple Watch – banks are also already being met with by Apple to sort out Apple pay functionality and other payment features on the wearable.

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The Apple watch’s pre-emptive app development could point to a release of some kind for a digital store, or App store expansion that might arrive prior to the watch itself, and that will give users a chance to survey just what kind of apps will be out on day one to influence whether they’ll want to make a purchase on release.

For now though, we’re going to have to wait until any further news comes out about Apple’s own smart watch – expect further hype and rumors all the way up until that planned April retail release.

Via: Techspot

Source: 9to5Mac