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E3 2011: Silent Hill: Downpour – Latest installment gets a sick soundtrack!

The Silent Hill franchise is fan-renowned for providing some of the creepiest and disturbingly atmospheric tunes to mirror the macabre themes and nightmarish gameplay – so some exciting news for latest instalment Silent Hill: Downpour is that US metallers KoЯn are onboard for the theme song, and the musical maestro behind the Dexter TV show is providing the score.

In the latest addition to the popular horror-gaming series, a violent convict is being transported to a maximum security prison, something bad happens along the way and the next thing the chap knows is he’s waking up next to his ruined bus, slap in the middle of the scariest town in gaming history – Silent Hill.

In Downpour, it’s time to survive, explore and solve the town’s mysteries once again. This time your trials, tribulations and terrors will be accompanied by Dan Licht’s composing. He’s the man behind scores for Children of The Corn II, some of the Hellraiser movies (alongside horror genius Clive Barker) and more recently the moving and disturbing sounds of serial killer telly program Dexter.

KoЯn will take over theme song duties for Silent Hill: Downpour – the franchise previously featuring the drabbest  tunes overlayed by vocals from young Japanese emo girls. Now Vatra Games and Konami Digital Entertainment have brought in the US band, known for their disturbing lyrical stylings and emotion-stirring sounds, to add edginess to the killer soundtrack.

The game itself will feature Unreal 3D technology to really make the town of Silent Hill come alive with full 3D immersion and expanding on the “psychological torture, ambient story, horrific enemies and self-evaluative questions of despair” – sounds pretty sick to us!

We can’t wait to get lost in the sound and visual of Silent Hill when the Downpour begins towards the end of 2011 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

KoЯn are playing the Download Festival at Donington Park this weekend. Want to know when? Check out the weekend planner app from Vodafone right HERE.

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