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Google revamps Street View within Google Maps

Today Google has launched a revamped version of Street View which will now allow users to see loads of new locations that were previously inaccessible to Google’s famous mapping car.

If you’re not familiar with Street View, it happens to be an excellent tool which will allow you to view street-level images in various towns and cities around the world.

Stonehenge - one of the new locations available on Street View

So instead of using the car to obtain the images, Google turned to some other devices in order to capture street-level imagery, this included a trike, snowmobile and a trolley.

Users can expect to see some prominent places to view at street level on all seven continents, as well as extra information on where Google’s mapping vehicles are currently active.

If you’re interested in having a browse of the new locations on offer, be sure to head on over to the Street View website now and give it a whirl.