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Kids Favour Apple iPad Over Action Man Says Survey

Reports suggest that more and more kids are putting down traditional playthings and picking up new age gadgets – as old faves Action Man and Barbie go back in the toy box to make way for a new generation of high tech toys!

It’s a real life Toy Story, as a survey by child-friendly tablet and tech maker LeapFrog reveals that out of 2000 parents questioned around 120 own a tablet computer such as the Apple iPad or Android device and a number of kids own their own PC or laptop. Parents asked generally said that they encourage their children to use technology for educational purposes, a practice being introduced to classrooms as we speak, as well as bringing the family closer together by bridging the generational gap with a mutual love of gadgets. There is of course a darker side to allowing children free access to the vast and rich resources provided by technology and the internet, but if moderated properly there’s also a whole bunch of cool stuff like Angry Birds!

As we’ve seen at the recent Toy Fairs in London and New York, companies such as Bandai which is behind the ThunderCats and Ben 10 lines aren’t done yet and are updating the tried and tested action figure format to crossover into the world of modern tech, providing exciting content through augmented reality apps for smartphones and tablets and combining “physical” play with software based games. Slightly more bizarre the makers of Barbie are packaging the world’s leading girl’s toy with a photo LED display – in her stomach!

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