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Money Supermarket Graphic Shows How to Make Gadgets Greener by Saving Energy

Helpful website has revealed an interesting infographic relating to our gadgets’ charging habits and their harmful causes to the environment.

As we well know, smartphones, tablets, laptops and MP3 players are a big part of our everyday task handling and social connections. We here at Gadget Helpline depend on devices regularly as we’re sure many of our readers do too – that’s why you visit us, of course! Money Supermarket’s graphical guide to gadget use highlights that 79% of us are prone to unnecessarily overcharging our Apple iPad or Android tablet, with 77% leaving their PS Vita or portable gaming system on the boil and 76% doing the same with their mobile.

This not only causes the battery life to diminish but also means we’re very wasteful when it comes to energy, and disposing of and replacing batteries is yet more harm on the environment.

The infographic also offers a few tips on how we can use our tech more responsibly in relation to our world. Tips including using less gadgets – this is a tough one in some cases, but simply doubling your computer monitor to watch TV can help reduce energy usage and waste when you finally come to throw your set out.

Also mentioned is buying used devices, which isn’t to everyone’s likings but can help in some small way if you don’t demand the most cutting edge iPod or a brand new Xbox 360, for example. Recycling services are available through Apple and some bargains can always be picked up from trade-in shops.

MoneySupermarket is not only concerned about the environment but also discusses the near religious social use of our devices, and sharing Ofcom figures suggests that 60% of teenagers are “highly addicted to smartphones”  and that 47% of those use their gadget whilst using the loo or in the bath! Shocking figures made all the more shocking with the claim that 81% of us don’t even turn their phone off – ever!

The details are definitely eye-opening and if you’re an avid gadget user as we are, you’ll want to check out the facts in full over at Thanks to Neo Mammalian Studios for the tip-off on this informative feature!

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