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Nintendo 3DS Gets 3D Video Recording Update

The Nintendo 3DS just recently got a life-saving pair of 1-Ups in the form of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 proving November was good to the “little portable that could”. And it doesn’t look like the lucky streak will end this month either, as Nintendo has just dropped an update which delivers 3D video recording to the gaming gadget.

Downloading the version 3.0.0-5U firmware is free-of-charge (if you don’t know Nintendo’s policy about keeping it free – read here) – the software will update the system and allow for three-dimensional video capture through the handheld’s stereoscopic camera and up to ten minutes of footage can be captured per shooting.

The update also brings along the ability for 3DS owners to transfer game data and files wirelessly between consoles, a sleep mode ordering system for the eShop and a setting which lets you add online Mario Kart opponents to your friends list, just in case you want to whoop them on the courses again – or seek that elusive win at a later occasion.

Your system should update any day now, automatically. But if you can’t wait you can take the manual route:

Connect to Wi-Fi, go to System Settings > Other Settings > System Update. Simple!

If you were lucky enough to grab a Nintendo 3DS during that period of desperation around August time when the price of the gadget dropped by almost half, you’re sure to be sighing in relief right about now, as success for the console and a wave of new games and goodies are released the console’s price is gradually creeping up at most retailers. But a little bit of good news for those who bought early or are just buying now is that Nintendo offer free Wi-Fi access to all 3DS gamers in thousands of UK hotspots, meaning you can get this new free-of-charge update without any cost on your own home bill! Wooo hooo!

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