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Nintendo’s Star Fox 3DS gets a date for launch – What would we like to see remade next?

It’s an exciting time to be a Nintendo fan who, like me, has fond memories of when the company could actually deliver the goods and the N64 console ruled above all!

Following last week’s revival version of classic title Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for handheld 3DS console, we found out today the release date for the next retro resurrection – Star Fox – with a three-dimensional makeover taking off on September 9th in the United Kingdom (two whole days before the US!)

The new Star Fox 64 3DS delivers the same old-school fighter pilot gameplay we used to love back in ‘97 on Nintendo 64, translated into the palm of our hand with this year’s Nintendo 3DS technology enhancing the graphics, adding a cool tilt control, additional control and support for the second screen and the fun of multi-player gaming using the camera element to put yours and your mate’s faces onto rival pilots on the 3DS’ screen. If like me you enjoyed a friendly dog-fight with your fellow players you’ll love doing it in person!

The Star Fox saga launched on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993 and was supported by the Super-FX chip which displayed “3D-like” graphics. It’s amazing how far things have come – only to come back around again.

We love seeing our old faves reborn and would really like to see more from the era make a comeback. We’ve already got Legend of Zelda, with Mario Kart and Super Mario bounding onto the Nintendo 3DS platform in new adventures very soon. What’s next?

Recently Nintendo revived Goldeneye 64 for the Wii console – one of the all-time classic multi-players and an innovation in the first-person shooter genre of gaming. Imagine the 3D element in play and putting our mugshots onto the characters with the camera element would be very cool. We could think of a few faces we’d enjoy taking out with that Golden Gun!

Classic GoldenEye 64 - Best multi-player ever?

Similarly Turok – the dinosaur hunting classic could be well translated, as well as sci-fi racer F-Zero X. We can presume Donkey Kong 64 is somewhat inevitable. But we’ll leave Star Wars Episode 1: Racer or the shelf – thanks, but no.

Star Fox 64 3DS blasts off on September 9th priced at £34.99 through GAME, but if you can’t wait for retro action enjoy watching some of the “3D-like” original on SNES!

What old school revivals would you like to see appear on the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming gadget? Be sure to leave your tweets and comments on the official Gadget Helpline Twitter as well as our official Facebook page!

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