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Toshiba Announces Quad-core 13.3″ Tablet Beast

What’s that coming over the hill.. is it a monster? – No it’s just Toshiba’s latest tablet concept. A 13.3” slab of technology which looks set to cast a huge shadow over its prey with NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor as part of its impressive arsenal. A dummy model of the future release is currently doing the rounds at the Toshiba 2012 event.

Following a much smaller tablet offering called the AT270 which was unveiled at the recent Mobile World Congress, that device is dwarfed by this newcomer which despite not being anywhere near consumer ready can still demonstrate to us a taste of Toshiba’s heavyweight hardware that’s to come later in the year. Besides the whopping AMOLED screen and four horse power CPU, the gadget actually resembles its 7.7” counterpart only on a much bigger scale and features ports for HDMI output, USB connection and MicroSD for memory expansion – although we don’t yet know how much memory will come already loaded. Presumably this one and little bro will both come running latest Google mobile OS standard, version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

We also don’t know a price or availability and the details from Toshiba are pretty sparse if any. We certainly look forward to seeing this one officially unleashed and in action. But we do wonder, after all the efforts to downsize or slim down our tablet tech – with 10.1” being the current market standard (Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab) is there room to squeeze in such a sizeable slate?

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Image: AllTouchTablet