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XPERIA X10 to get Android 2.3 this summer!

Yes you did just read that correctly, after Sony Ericsson originally said that it had no plans to issue any more updates to the X10 after Éclair (2.1), they’re going to update to 2.3 shortly after 2.2.

Sony Ericsson has now said on its blog page that the company plans to bring the Gingerbread update to the X10 generic trade kits (basically non-operator handsets) by the end of Q2, early Q3 at the latest.

According to the blog, Sony Ericsson has said that during the development of the software for their latest XPERIA handsets, it gave developers a solution that made it possible to deliver Gingerbread (2.3) to the Xperia X10.

Sony Ericsson has also completed a handy Q&A about the update informing X10 users what they can expect from the latest update, they also make a point of stressing the fact that not every X10 owner will be able to get this update.

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