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Machine Learning – Explanation & Applications

The general meaning of machine learning is: learning without being specifically programmed to do so. Also, don’t get machine learning confused with Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are two, entirely different, kettles of fish.

Project Kuiper aka The Bezos Belt

Not content with already owning a majority stake in the Western Worlds commerce. Jeff Bezos now wants to wrap the entire planet in a neat Amazon bow made of satellites.

Robots and Toyota

Toyota robots, definitely not the first product you would link the car manufacturer with. Though it could easily end up being their most beneficial product by miles.

AI Drivethru – Want Chips With That?

McDonalds are in the process of updating their drive through setup. No longer will a tired young voice crackle through the ether. The voice you hear will now be crisp, always happy to help, and, most importantly, it will regularly up-sell to you…

Benefits Of Technology – AI Limb replacement

Why AI though? AI will not get tired of working out what the user wishes to do. It tirelessly corrects each setting depending on the users needs. Also, It never stops attempting to give a better experience to the user.

DNA Testing, AI & You

DNA testing is quite the thing currently.  Not exactly tech related, you may say, we say, see how you feel after reading. And, if you think this does not apply to you, think again.