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  • Hatch App – Cloud Gaming For Free

    Hatch App – Cloud Gaming For Free

    Hatch app is now released for trial in U.K. and welcome to cloud gaming! What is Hatch though? Hatch is a mobile cloud gaming platform that has fully integrated social features. It also has over 100 mobile games to play instantly, all you need do is set up an account, oh, and its free! Hatch […]

  • Big Changes For Hearthstone Esports In 2018

    Big Changes For Hearthstone Esports In 2018

    Heartstone Esports in 2018 is going to be going through some changes, this news rolling straight off of the back of their recent expansion Kobolds & Catacombs… Another expansion and another year almost done. Blizzard have filled the stocking to the brim for Hearthstone players and this time, no old oranges! Over the course of […]

  • Android Arcade Emulation

    Android Arcade Emulation

    When Nostalgia slash boredom strikes, maybe its time for some Android arcade emulation!  Back when E.T. was a popular family pet and the internet was unheard of, kids, and adults, used to enjoy spending time in the local video game arcade. I too was a fan of the dark dingy smoke filled backroom in my […]

  • Twitch extensions Coming Soon!

    Twitch extensions Coming Soon!

    Matching the interactivity of sites such as Mixer and Sliver, Twitch have today introduced, a collection of tools; Twitch Extensions. Twitch Extensions These extensions will give streamers the ability to customize their channel with all sorts of interactive features.  There will be polls, leaderboards, tickers, schedules, overlays and virtual pets, to name a few. The […]

  • Sliver.TV – Virtual Reality Esport Viewing

    Sliver.TV – Virtual Reality Esport Viewing

    Is Sliver.TV the new Twitch for VR or is it a gateway to gambling? At first glance, Sliver.TV seems to be like Twitch and Mixer with the standard chat window. It is not the same though. The streamers you watch are embedded from Twitch but you can register on Sliver to open an account.  The […]

  • Google Feed Updated In Google App

    Google Feed Updated In Google App

    Google announced today changes in the Google feed experience. Keeping track of all your social media news and current affairs can turn into a full time task. Sometimes it is hard to view what you actually enjoy easily. Worry no more, Google have been tinkering with their AI again. Your personal feed experience will now […]

  • QR Codes – What They Do And How To Use Them

    QR Codes – What They Do And How To Use Them

    QR Codes or quick response codes. Anyone can have them, they are on many items and they have many uses but not many are actually taking advantage.  The reasons for the lack of widespread use are unclear. One of these reasons may be due to needing a scanner. Before smartphones came along you would need […]

  • Browser Support On Your Fire TV – Installation Guide

    Browser Support On Your Fire TV – Installation Guide

    If you hunt through Googles tangled pathways in the hopes of installing browser support on your Fire TV the answer is not very clear. There is a way to add browser functions though. Adding browser support There is an app available on Amazon called Downloader by This app adds browser functionality with quite a […]

  • Stream Steam To Your Samsung TV

    Stream Steam To Your Samsung TV

    If you have a Steam account and want to stream Steam to a TV this is now possible thanks to the new Steam Link app. There is one caveat though; streaming via the app will require a Samsung Smart TV. The app is in Beta at present and can be found in the Samsung app […]

  • Prolong The Life Of Your Android Battery

    Prolong The Life Of Your Android Battery

    Smartphones are very useful gadgets. So useful, many would be lost without one, the thing is, they need battery power. The Battery One of the main reasons people spend money on a new model is their current device beginning to slow down noticeably or the battery draining too quickly. There are also many myths out […]

  • Sega Forever On Smartphone

    Sega Forever On Smartphone

    For some gamers, older ones especially, Sega Forever should revive some old passions. The old school console giant has announced recently they will be reviving some old classics for the smartphone. Sega Forever SEGA® Forever™ is a free and growing classic games collection of nearly every SEGA game ever released from every console era – […]

  • AI Art Assistance

    AI Art Assistance

    After writing about Pix2Pix we though it would be useful to find a few apps that offer art assistance using AI. Manipulation of images is a lot of fun. With the added benefit of AI working in the background, our imaginations are the only limit. So, apps that are fun and offer art assistance… Obviously, we […]