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  • Android O For Oreo!

    Android O For Oreo!

    So many things happening at once its hard to keep track, Android O announced to be Oreo though! Along with an eclipse happening and Intel announcing their 8th generation CPU, Google added their weight to the pile and threw in the name for Android O: Android have huddled up with the food giants before, […]

  • Mind Control VR  – Neurable

    Mind Control VR – Neurable

    Here we have another example of machine learning to improve technology; mind control. Neurable have created a wizards hat, no more plastic wands! Neurable, the world’s first BCI (Brain Computer Interface) platform designed specifically for developers of mixed-reality experiences. What this actually means is that developers have the chance to use this device to create […]

  • Google Feed Updated In Google App

    Google Feed Updated In Google App

    Google announced today changes in the Google feed experience. Keeping track of all your social media news and current affairs can turn into a full time task. Sometimes it is hard to view what you actually enjoy easily. Worry no more, Google have been tinkering with their AI again. Your personal feed experience will now […]

  • QR Codes – What They Do And How To Use Them

    QR Codes – What They Do And How To Use Them

    QR Codes or quick response codes. Anyone can have them, they are on many items and they have many uses but not many are actually taking advantage.  The reasons for the lack of widespread use are unclear. One of these reasons may be due to needing a scanner. Before smartphones came along you would need […]

  • BBC Esports Soon  And On BT Sport 3

    BBC Esports Soon And On BT Sport 3

    BBC Esports does not come to mind when following your favorite esports, it soon might! Over the next six weeks the BBC will be hosting a major esports tournament. Gfinity Elite Series will be airing every weekend on BBC3 online. BBC Esports Tournament 160 professional gamers will be taking part in the event. Showing to […]

  • AI Today

    AI Today

    AI today. What is the current state of our artificial overlords? What are they doing to benefit us currently? Well, Alexa has opened its platform to other parties in order for them to create skills for Alexa to learn. Google meanwhile has been hiring comedians to hopefully improve the way the assistant interacts with humans. […]

  • Whats New In Augmented Reality

    Whats New In Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality Augmented reality, not quite on everyone’s lips currently but there are definite stirrings amongst the masses for AR other than Pokemon related. As we are always interested in anything new that pops up concerning Augmented reality we listed a few points of interest below. These should whet your Virtual appetite. Tankfest Tankfest is […]

  • Oneplus 2 OxygenOS Update Incoming

    Oneplus 2 OxygenOS Update Incoming

    The Oneplus 2 has been around now since July 2015 and runs on OxygenOS. On release, the company promised to keep the phone updated for 24 months. Two years in existence and the updates have stopped. Because of this, Oneplus have been causing a stir among their user base. They announced four weeks ago that […]

  • Stream Steam To Your Samsung TV

    Stream Steam To Your Samsung TV

    If you have a Steam account and want to stream Steam to a TV this is now possible thanks to the new Steam Link app. There is one caveat though; streaming via the app will require a Samsung Smart TV. The app is in Beta at present and can be found in the Samsung app […]

  • Planned Obsolescence Vs Right To Repair

    Planned Obsolescence Vs Right To Repair

    In a move against planned obsolescence, the E.U. aim to give consumers the right to repair their own items. Sounds reasonable right? Electronic devices should be robust and easily repairable. Also, laws should encourage or enforce this, members of the European Parliament said this Tuesday. Since at least the invention of the lightbulb, or, possibly, Nylon, […]

  • Google Home Adds Bluetooth Support

    Google Home Adds Bluetooth Support

    Google Home has been having a few niggles of late, our one here has anyway. Until recently the only way you could share music was through casting. This was great, but not when it would randomly stop while playing then refuse to be seen by anything on the network thus prompting a reboot.  The team […]

  • Sega Forever On Smartphone

    Sega Forever On Smartphone

    For some gamers, older ones especially, Sega Forever should revive some old passions. The old school console giant has announced recently they will be reviving some old classics for the smartphone. Sega Forever SEGA® Forever™ is a free and growing classic games collection of nearly every SEGA game ever released from every console era – […]