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  • AI Art Assistance

    AI Art Assistance

    After writing about Pix2Pix we though it would be useful to find a few apps that offer art assistance using AI. Manipulation of images is a lot of fun. With the added benefit of AI working in the background, our imaginations are the only limit. So, apps that are fun and offer art assistance… Obviously, we […]

  • Pix2Pix AI Transforms Your Sketches

    Pix2Pix AI Transforms Your Sketches

    Pix2Pix AI wants to transform your doodles and sketches into something remotely resembling a photo of what you were drawing. Sounds confusing but it really isn’t… Doodling is something most people can do. The Doodler does not have to be a budding Picasso and there are no set requirements for how good a doodle should be.  We […]

  • Image Within Image Search Now On Bing

    Image Within Image Search Now On Bing

    Machine learning is spreading. Bing have now shown their cards with image within image search. Not to be outdone by Google, Microsoft have attached the benefits of machine learning to their image search results. When searching the net most prefer Google, but, this has definitely added a bookmark in mind when we are looking at […]

  • Faster Browsing Via Chrome – Now On Android

    Faster Browsing Via Chrome – Now On Android

    Thanks to the lawsuit against Google, Russians are enjoying a faster browsing experience. This is due to the new widget that Google have developed as a consequence. This new widget is easy to install and gives you an option of which search engine to use. And strangely enough, the Chrome option is faster than the one you are […]

  • Google Wifi – First Impressions

    Google Wifi – First Impressions

    Google Wifi now available for use in the U.K., what is there to know about it and how do you get it to work? The new Wifi device from Google aims to put all your internet eggs in one basket. Many can relate to throttled internet, especially if you have a housemate that seems hellbent […]

  • The Implications of 5G

    The Implications of 5G

    With the news that the solar industry is being hit hard by the recent U.K. budget (800% TAX increase for businesses if using solar power, businesses include state run schools but not the privately run schools) it may be time to look into how the government expects to lead the charge in the tech industry by […]

  • Samsung To Test Run 5G In The UK

    Samsung To Test Run 5G In The UK

    Struggling to get your phone to show that 4G symbol is something we have probably all experienced at some point here in the U.K. A recent report from the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has slated the 4G U.K. infrastructure stating that the U.K. is currently ranked 54th in the world which is worse than many countries including […]

  • Pay For Fuel From The Drivers Seat With Jaguar

    Pay For Fuel From The Drivers Seat With Jaguar

    Jaguar has partnered with Shell to bring you fueling with less hassle, walking across the forecourt will no longer be a thing when paying for your fuel.  How is this going to be possible? Easy, all you need do is buy one of Jaguars new models; a snip from at least $40,000, the Shell app and […]

  • Lego Life – Social Media For Kids

    Lego Life – Social Media For Kids

    Kids want to get in on the social media fun but who knows what they will find, say concerned parents. Worry no more. Lego Group have just launched a social media network with kids in mind and it is available on both Android and iOS. (links at the bottom) The network/app is called Lego Life […]

  • Rise Of The Uk Smart Home

    Rise Of The Uk Smart Home

    The UK seems to take on new tech in one of two ways. The first way is jumping into the fire without a thought to see if they wont get burnt and the second is ignoring it while everyone else welcomes it with open arms. With the latter, the UK usually comes round eventually, then claims […]

  • The Worlds Your Radio (Radio.Garden)

    The Worlds Your Radio (Radio.Garden)

    As Christmas approaches and the stress begins to build, it may be a good idea to unwind with some music. Now, most of us would turn to a radio or other device to hear some music while wrapping our presents etc. This is great of course but some of us, to put it mildly, cannot stand Christmas […]

  • Amazon GO Stores – A Cashless Society?

    Amazon GO Stores – A Cashless Society?

      Not content with being number one online retailer, Amazon have decided to turn up the heat on the high street. The multi-national announced on Monday that they will be stepping into the arena with their Amazon GO store in Seattle. There is a difference though; this ones cashless! On announcement there were no mentions of any […]