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5G Opinion – Possibilities Or Problems?

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5G opinion seems divided, just like a lot of subjects in current times, it depends who you speak to. 5G feelings swing from extremes like, the great beneficiary, to something shunned like the plague.

Machine Learning – Explanation & Applications

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The general meaning of machine learning is: learning without being specifically programmed to do so. Also, don’t get machine learning confused with Artificial Intelligence (AI). These are two, entirely different, kettles of fish.

Robots and Toyota

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Toyota robots, definitely not the first product you would link the car manufacturer with. Though it could easily end up being their most beneficial product by miles.

Battery Upgrade Required

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Generally, people want a good camera, speed of use and reliability. Two of these factors are nailed down well. The one currently lacking is reliability.
So what are the reasons for this?

DNA Testing, AI & You

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DNA testing is quite the thing currently.  Not exactly tech related, you may say, we say, see how you feel after reading. And, if you think this does not apply to you, think again.